The Idea

I find it strange that companies give away cool stuff for free at events such as t-shirts, caps and even usb’s. So I thought, “Why not ask them for free stuff? It would be interesting to see which company is generous and cares about its customers and which only wants money!” Who doesn’t want a McDonalds shirt or special Coca Cola stickers? So that’s what I’m going to do, asking companies for freebies.

My Initial Goal

My original goal was a bit different than what I did in the end. When I started this experiment, I planned to search the internet for 100 companies that sent things for free. Easy right? No. This turned out to be much harder than I expected.

First of all, you had to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to most companies to receive ‘free’ stuff. This was not free and you also had no guarantee that your envelope would arrive.

Secondly, most companies were American and most of those American companies only sent their free stuff within the United States. So I kept looking.

My Modified Goal

Unfortunately I could not find 100 companies that, first of all, sent really free stuff, and secondly also outside the US. So I thought I shouldn’t have an exact number, but just contact as many companies as possible! And I also took random companies; fast food restaurants, clothing stores, shoe stores, car manufacturers, computer manufacturers, …

The Finished Product

About 5 hours later I had contacted about 30 companies so far, via email and forms, and I kept going. I contacted companies that were known for their freebies and companies that had not mentioned anywhere that they give freebees. Now I just had to sit back and wait for a response (or 30?)! This page will be updated when I get a response from a company, so this project is not ready yet!!

The List

 Company Product Response
Apple  Hardware & Software Yes! They send me stickers
Arc’teryx Clothing Rejected! They no longer send stickers due to the high volume of sticker requests
Burger King  Fast Food Only some stickers!
Calabasas Coffee Company Coffee Producer & Seller (?) I got a few stickers!
Chicmoto  Car Blog They didn’t send anything!
Coca Cola  Soft Drinks Rejected! They no longer send stickers on e-mail requests
Cotopaxi  Clothing Rejected! They do not ship outside the US
Curiosityness  Radio(?) I got some stickers
Dr. Pepper  Soft Drinks Rejected!
Fish Hippie  Clothing Rejected! They do not ship outside the US
Google  Search Engine Yes! They send me a Google USB (16gb)
GoPro  Action Camera’s They send me some stickers!
Intel  Computer Processors Yes! They send me stickers
McDonald’s  Fast Food Yes! They send me McFries socks and a coupon
Mercedes Benz  Car Manufacturer They send me a keychain!
Over Under Clothing  Clothing Rejected! They asked for a self-addressed, stamped envelope
Punisher Skateboards  Skateboard Manufacturer No answer after a full year
Sparks Radio  Radio Rejected! They do not ship outside the US
Sperry Top-Sider  Clothing Rejected! They do not ship outside the US
Stoked Ride Shop  Skateboard Manufacturer Some skateboard stickers
Zoo Cookies  Illustration (?) Nothing

Edit: unfortunately not all companies which I contacted responded.

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