Meet the new RP Studios,
Today marks the biggest update to the RP Studios website in months. Many things were improved in this update, but the biggest changes were in terms of performance of the website and privacy.

First we are going to talk about the performance of the website. We improved the speed of the website significantly by changing the way content is loaded in. This way the page is loaded while you are scrolling (lazy loading). It’s a very efficient way of loading webpages.

We have also started using’s Content Delivery Network (CDN). Arc will cache our pages and save them on their servers, which are spread worldwide. This means that there is always an server near you, making the latency smaller.

We have also made some big changes in terms of privacy. We stopped using Google services on our website and even removed the Google ad banners. This will not only improve your privacy but also the speed.

Lastly, there are some small UI changes. The comment section has a more optimized look. And you can now subscribe to a post (for email notifications) and even like it. This is a whole new way of showing your opinion instead of having to comment always. And you never need to check our website for new posts as you can get an email notification.

We hope you will like the new update! And if you ever experience something that you don’t like or have any feedback/suggestion on this: Contact us and we will try our best to solve problems and even use your suggestions to fully optimize our website.

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